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Jan 20, 2012

Richmond Beach, ca. 1910

       Despite our first work party being snowed out we have been working this week planning out the project details. We are finalizing our planting plan and are pleased to have received support from Richmond Beach QFC, two local Starbucks shops, and several active community members. Thank you! 

TitleMotorized whaleboat with nine passengers near the coast at Richmond Beach, ca. 1910
Dateca. 1910
The Richmond Beach sand pit, where Richmond Beach Park now sits, is in the background.
Donated by Merna Fae Bailey.
[Sources of caption: Shoreline Historical Museum Staff and note filed with image.]

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Jan 15, 2012

January 16th Work Party cancelled due to snow

Given the recent snowy weather in the Seattle area and the forecast for snow and low temperatures tomorrow, we decided to cancel tomorrow's work party. We do not want anybody to be injured on the way to or at the work party. It will also be hard to see the plants under the snow.
We hope you have a warm and cozy weekend!

UW-REN Saltwater Park Capstone Group

Jan 4, 2012

Local News | Winter offers chance to see snowy owls | Seattle Times Newspaper

Snowy Owls made the local news recently. We are hoping to spot one while out at Saltwater Park. Our restoration plan includes the consideration of their habitat needs as our site is within their winter habitation range.
Check out the article here:
Local News | Winter offers chance to see snowy owls | Seattle Times Newspaper

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"In general the Snowy Owl inhabits areas of low sparse vegetation, open fields, moorland, valley floors, salt and poorly drained fresh water meadows. Its habitat is closely associated with the distribution of small rodents and in the case of breeding territory directly corresponds with the distribution of small rodents (especially lemming). In the winter it is often found in farming areas with open fields of low stubble, marshes, and even dunes."